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What to Expect from the Forclosure Process

“Unfortunately, Indiana has recently suffered an unprecedented rise in the rate of single-family home foreclosure. Every month thousands of homes are added to the pool of houses upon which foreclosure proceedings have begun.” — University of Southern Indiana;  My Old Indiana Home: A Study of Rising Foreclosure Rates

Face Foreclosure With Our Merrillville, Indiana Lawyers on Your Side

Taking action on your behalf to save your home in Lake and Porter Counties

If you are like countless Indiana homeowners, you may be facing the threat of foreclosure. However, even if you have already been served with a lawsuit or a judgment has been entered, there is hope.

Weiss & Schmidgall, P.C., is here to help you take all appropriate legal action on your and your family’s behalf. Our Merrillville foreclosure defense attorneys will explain what to expect from your mortgage lender and what options may be available for you to save your home.

What to Expect From the Indiana Foreclosure Process

If you have fallen behind on mortgage payments, your loan holder may begin the foreclosure process. Although the process may vary depending on your unique situation, a general overview is as follows:

  • Notice of foreclosure: The lender sends a notice to the homeowner at least 30 days before filing for foreclosure.
  • Filing a foreclosure action: The lender files a lawsuit in court and records a lis pendens (a notice of the pending lawsuit). The homeowner may request a settlement conference to discuss a loan modification or other alternatives to foreclosure.
  • Settlement conference: Indiana law now requires your bank to sit down and talk about options to keep your home, if you know how to ask.
  • Judgment: If the court decides to rule on behalf of the foreclosure, the debtor’s property will be put up for sale and the homeowner evicted. The homeowner will still owe the loan debt, however.
  • Sheriff’s sale: Typically, one to two months after a judgment is entered, the home will be auctioned at a sheriff’s sale. Although you are not often required to move out before this date, every day closer to the sheriff’s sale makes it that much harder to help.

Consult Our NW Indiana Foreclosure Lawsuit Attorneys Today

If you are facing the loss of your home, do not wait to investigate ways to stop foreclosure. Call Weiss & Schmidgall, P.C., at 219-293-8988, or contact us online for a free initial consultation. We offer flexible payment plans and charge only $500 down to start your case. Day, evening and Saturday appointments with our lawyers are available.

We are a Debt Relief Agency, We Help People File For Bankruptcy Relief Under the Bankruptcy Code.

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Christopher R. Schmidgall

For more than ten years, Christopher Schmidgall has protected the lives of people who find themselves caught in the tangled machinery of criminal prosecution. With the skill and determination he’s demonstrated throughout his life, Chris offers them the help they need to get their lives back in order. Not long after graduating from Valparaiso...

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Amanda C. Hires

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Jessica McPheeters

Jessica McPheeters is an associate attorney with her primary focus being in Estate Planning, Probate, Business Formation and Planning, and other general practice matters. Jessica received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Economics from Ball State University in 2014. Jessica then received her Juris Doctor from Valparaiso University School of Law...

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