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Effective Traffic Ticket Lawyers in Merrillville Protect Your Driving Record

Serving clients in Gary and throughout Lake County and Porter County, IN

Stop! Don’t just pay a traffic ticket because you think you can’t defend yourself. Aside from a heavy fine your license could be in jeopardy and your insurance rates will probably increase. Challenging the ticket doesn’t have to drain time out of your life or seem impossible. At The Law Office of Weiss, Schmidgall and Hires, P.C. we’ve been helping drivers in northwest Indiana fight unfair traffic tickets for more than ten years. Our Merrillville traffic ticket attorneys know what it takes to successfully challenge bad tickets and get others reduced — saving you time and money.

Lawyers who can challenge the police version

Police seem to have a natural advantage when it comes to your word against theirs. You can even the odds with a traffic ticket lawyer from our Merrillville office. We know the traffic laws and we know the courts. It might seem like an added expense now, but a lawyer who can make your case can save you money on fines and insurance premiums for years to come.

Getting the best outcome

At The Law Office of Weiss, Schmidgall and Hires, P.C. we protect the rights of drivers in Merrillville and across the highways of northwest Indiana. If you’ve been ticketed on the Indiana Toll Road, the Eisenhower Expressway, or anywhere else in the “Region” call us, we’ll help by:

  • Minimizing fines — Many traffic violations result in heavy fines. We’ve been fighting for drivers in the I-94 corridor for more than ten years and we know how to protect your wallet from unfair fines.
  • Keeping insurance rates down — Insurance companies aren’t forgiving about points on your license. They’ll increase your rates immediately and keep them up for years. Spending a little money on an effective defense against a traffic violation now could save a bundle down the road.
  • Avoiding future tickets — Police may notice old tickets on your record and give you a ticket instead of the warning they would give another driver. We can get your driving record cleaned up, so you don’t get trapped in the revolving door of traffic violations.
  • Fighting CDL violations — We know how important it is to have a clean driving record, especially if you drive for a living. Our attorneys have helped countless people stay on the road by protecting their CDL licenses.

Challenging driving-related criminal charges

Beyond just protecting your rights in traffic court, we’re also criminal law defense attorneys. If you face more serious charges like DUI/OWI, take advantage of our extensive experience in both traffic and criminal court. Our DUI attorneys work to secure an outcome that lets you move on with your life.

Call our Merrillville office to schedule a free consultation about your traffic violations

For more than a decade at The Law Office of Weiss, Schmidgall and Hires, P.C. we’ve been making sure good people don’t get bullied into accepting unfair consequences for small mistakes. Our team of attorneys is available at our conveniently located office at the corner of 73rd Avenue and Broadway. Call 219-293-8988 today or contact us online. The earlier we get involved, the better your chances are for success.