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Domestic Violence & Battery

Merrillville Attorneys Defend You Against Domestic Violence Allegations

Ready to stand with you in Lake County

All relationships have tough times and arguments that no outsider could ever really completely understand. We know that it’s complicated. We understand that people get upset when the things they care about most are at stake.

At the Law Office of Weiss, Schmidgall and Hires, P.C., our experienced Merrillville criminal defense lawyers are ready to stand with you. We know how to protect your life against the consequences that domestic abuse charges in Indiana can lob upon it.

Protecting your rights against domestic abuse charges

Our domestic violence attorneys know how severe the consequences can be if your rights aren’t protected. Misdemeanor or felony charges may threaten you with jail time and heavy fines. A protective order or “no contact” order could lock you out of your home and separate you from your children. Your standing in the community or with a divorce judge could be compromised. It’s a heavy toll, but you don’t have to stand against it alone.

Experienced defenders in criminal court

We’ve been defending good people against criminal charges for more than ten years. When it comes to domestic abuse allegations, we’ve found that it’s important to:

  • Consider the source — Some accusers have a history of lying or misrepresenting why, how or even what actually happened. We believe in justice, and there’s no justice when criminal prosecution is used as a sword against an innocent person.
  • Investigate the facts — The best way to challenge your accuser’s version of events is to have objective facts that support you. We get reliable information and use it to build you a strong defense.
  • Avoid criminal sanctions — A conviction means a permanent criminal record that will affect your future job and life prospects. We work to get you past this incident without the permanent mark a criminal conviction can leave.

Call our Merrillville office for a free consultation

At the Law Office of Weiss, Schmidgall and Hires, P.C., we believe that everyone deserves someone to stand with them. We’re ready to stand with you. Our office is located on 73rd Avenue, just five blocks from the Merrillville Municipal Complex. Call 219-293-8988 or contact us online.

Christopher R. Schmidgall Attorney Photo
Christopher R. Schmidgall

For more than ten years, Christopher Schmidgall has protected the lives of people who find themselves caught in the tangled machinery of criminal prosecution. With the skill and determination he’s demonstrated throughout his life, Chris offers them the help they need to get their lives back in order. Not long after graduating from Valparaiso...

Amanda C. Hires Attorney Photo
Amanda C. Hires

Following a remarkably accomplished academic career, Amanda Hires applied her record of success to servicing good people facing difficult situations. She served as a volunteer at the New Orleans Public Defender’s Office and worked intensively with prosecutors and defense attorneys while under the guidance of Judge Sheila Moss at the Lake County Superior Court...

Jessica McPheeters Attorney Photo
Jessica McPheeters

Jessica McPheeters is an associate attorney with her primary focus being in Estate Planning, Probate, Business Formation and Planning, and other general practice matters. Jessica received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Economics from Ball State University in 2014. Jessica then received her Juris Doctor from Valparaiso University School of Law...

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