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Merrillville Criminal Defense and Traffic Violations Lawyers Can Protect Your Rights

Serving northwest Indiana for more than a decade

At The Law Office of Weiss, Schmidgall and Hires, P.C. we’ve got the experience and skills to make sure you can get past a difficult moment in your life. Let our decade of experience in traffic and criminal court get you back on track.

Keeping you on the road and saving you money

Our traffic violations defense work is focused on getting you back on the road and saving you money on excessive fines and unfair increases in insurance rates.

Traffic Tickets and Offenses. We’ll put our extensive knowledge of the traffic laws and familiarity with the courts to work so you can focus on the important things in life. Learn more about our traffic ticket defense work.

DUI/OWI/DWI. A single mistake shouldn’t risk your entire future. Our traffic violations attorneys know how to challenge your OWI charge and get you the best results.

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). The best and safest drivers often face the most severe consequences. We know how to keep your CDL clean of damaging points.

Restoring your driving privileges and cleaning up your record

Having a clean driving record can help you save money on insurance and keep you from getting traffic tickets in the future. It can also avoid the potential complications of driving on a suspended license, because you forgot to pay some tickets.

Our Merrillville attorneys help you clean up or expunge your traffic violations record, so you can protect your driving privileges and take advantage of lower car insurance rates. Whatever your circumstances, you need a lawyer who knows the traffic laws and courts in northwest Indiana to clear things up and get you back on the road. We’ve been helping drivers in the I-94 corridor and across I-90 and I-80 for more than a decade. We can get you the best deal available.

Defending your future from criminal charges

We protect the future for good people caught in bad situations. We get the facts, challenge the charges and work to get you an outcome that helps you move forward.

Domestic violence & battery. Our criminal defense lawyers know how to challenge false or misleading allegations. We’ll explain your side and protect you against damaging domestic violence charges.

Burglary, retail theft & conversion. Don’t let a small misunderstanding get you labeled a thief. We know that there’s more to your side. Let us make sure it gets heard. Learn more about what we can do if you’re facing shoplifting, theft or burglary charges.

Narcotics & drug offenses. Punishing good people with heavy jail time and fines is unfair. We’ll make sure the police didn’t violate your rights and work to get your drug charges dismissed or reduced.

Juvenile law. Kids should have a chance to learn from mistakes without having their entire future endangered. We’ll work to make sure your child walks away from their juvenile court encounter with their greatest asset — their future — intact.

Call our Merrillville office for a free consultation

At The Law Office of Weiss, Schmidgall and Hires, P.C. we know that this may be a difficult time with great uncertainty. We’ve been through it before with other clients, but we know it may be the first time for you. Let us help you get through it. Call us today at 219-293-8988 or contact us online. If you’ve already paid a cash bond, we can show you how to use it for your legal defense.