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Foreclosure Myth-Busters Separating Fact From Fiction About Foreclosure

Helping you to understand the truth about Indiana foreclosures

At Weiss & Schmidgall, P.C., we are here to help you understand the truth about your debt relief options and obtain a fresh start. Our Merrillville foreclosure attorneys don’t just sit back and file paperwork; we actively fight and represent our clients at summary judgment, trial and beyond. We have successfully litigated cases all the way through the court of appeals and won.

Here are a few common foreclosure myths that we hear:

  • Foreclosure only happens to bad or irresponsible people. False. In these difficult economic times, countless hardworking homeowners have trouble keeping their homes. Often, this is due to entirely uncontrollable circumstances such as job layoffs.
  • I will be evicted as soon as I receive a foreclosure notice. False. You will not be kicked out of your house immediately. Under Indiana law, you have 23 days to respond to your lender’s complaint, and if you require the bank to do things in the case, the bank can be held off much longer. Plus, filing bankruptcy can delay the foreclosure process significantly as well.
  • Whatever the mortgage company says must be correct. False. Although you may have signed the mortgage, it does not mean that the mortgage company didn’t make a mistake somewhere. Our lawyers will review all your contracts thoroughly to make sure you really owe what it says you do.
  • I can’t be foreclosed on if I’m negotiating with the bank. False. Even if you’re negotiating with your bank to work something out, it will not slow or stop the foreclosure suit.
  • I’m unemployed, so I have no defense against foreclosure. False. Even if you are currently unemployed, we may be able to help delay or extend the foreclosure process long enough for you to get a good job and work out a payment plan or modification.
  • Foreclosure defense is difficult and confusing. This may be true if you attempt it on your own, but when you come to our Indiana law firm, we will handle all the details for you. Our goal is to make debt relief simple and stress free.

Talk to Our NW Indiana Home Loan Attorneys for Free

Weiss & Schmidgall, P.C, for more than a decade, has helped clients to learn more about home foreclosure defense in a free initial consultation and guided them through the foreclosure process, so that they can keep their houses. We offer flexible payment plans, hourly billing or flat fees, and it only takes $500 down to start your case. Day, evening and Saturday appointments are available as needed. Contact us today online or call us at 219-293-8988.