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CDL Defense Attorney in Merrillville

Protecting your rights on Indiana’s highways

Commercial motor vehicle drivers are some of the best and safest on the road. It’s what they do and they’re good at it. But the traffic laws in Indiana can be severe and rigid, and leave good drivers in bad positions that threaten their livelihoods. It’s not fair to have your DAC report and MVR marked-up by unreasonable traffic violations. Heavier fines and point violations don’t help either.

At Weiss & Schmidgall P.C. we know it’s a tough job that doesn’t have to be made tougher. For more than a decade, our Merrillville traffic defense lawyers have helped keep our clients’ CDLs clean. We’ll handle your case so you can get back to work.

CMV drivers carry a heavier burden on Indiana roads

Not everyone plays by the same rules on Indiana’s roads. The typical driver doesn’t have the same skills and training as a professional driver and they’re also held to a much lower standard. When they crowd highways and drive recklessly, making sudden lane changes, tailgating or speeding, they can make it difficult to safely maneuver a much larger vehicle without bending a few rules. The trouble is that even minor speeding violations could cost you your CDL for months, maybe years. Our attorneys have been fighting unreasonable traffic tickets for more than ten years. We know the courts along the I-94 corridor, the Borman Expressway, I-65, I-90, I-80 and throughout northwest Indiana. We’ll fight your ticket and help keep unfair points from being tacked onto your CDL.

Handling Indiana’s tough DUI/OWI laws

Truck drivers in Indiana face stricter OWI laws and more severe consequences. A blood alcohol content (BAC)  of 0.04 or a refusal to take a sobriety test could have your CDL suspended for an entire year. If you were transporting hazardous materials it could be as long as three years. Making sure to fight a first offense is critical not only to protecting your license now, but also preventing the possibility of having your CDL revoked for life with a second offense.

You’re good at your job and you need to earn a living. We want to get you back on the road as soon as possible. We’ve been defending good, hard-working people in traffic and criminal law courts for years. Our DUI/OWI attorneys know what it takes to challenge the charges you’re facing. In some cases, we can get a court to dismiss the charges. When that’s not possible, we work to get you the best result, so you can get on with your life.

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At Weiss & Schmidgall P.C. we believe that a small mistake shouldn’t put the brakes on your life. We have the skills and experience to get you the best result, so you can get back to work. Call us today at 219-293-8988 or contact us online.